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Lock for motorcycle and scooter

Lock for motorcycle and scooter

lock is a mechanical fastening device which may be used on a door, vehicle, or container, restricting access to the area or property enclosed. Commonly, it can be released by using a key or combination.

Securing one's property has long been a concern of people throughout the world. Beyond hiding the objects or constantly guarding them the most frequently used option is to secure them with a device. Early solutions included knots to either detect, like the Thief knot, or hamper, like the Gordian Knot.

Locks may be entirely mechanical, or electromechanical. They may be operated by turning some form of removable key, by keying or dialling in a combination which directly or via electromechanical means operates the lock, with some form of magnetic or other card reader, or by moving a part on a safety lock intended to prevent accidental operation rather than to prevent unauthorized access.


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