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Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle Security

Does a Motorcycle Security Lock Work?

Check out these motorcycle lock tips to help immobilize your ride:
* Select a motorcycle lock made of steel for the best protection.
* Lock the forks of the bike with large, brightly tagged locking devices. If the bike is obviously protected, a thief may be less likely to risk detection by damaging the motorcycle to get it moving.
* A U-shackle is a motorcycle lock made of stainless steel shaped in a "U". It's attached to the wheels using a clamping mechanism and can only be opened with a key. The U-shape conforms to the wheel firm, so the wheel can't physically rotate.
* A disc brake motorcycle lock is a small device that uses a cylinder lock. The lock is pressed in to secure it to the inner portion of the wheel.
* A cable or chain motorcycle lock, made of steel, can be coiled around the wheels and attached to an immovable object, such as a post. The ends are secured together with a padlock. Since padlocks can be snipped with bolt cutters, buy a top-of-the-line padlock, made of the most resilient material available, and position it in such a way that makes it difficult to reach.


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