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Giant Seal customizes your bike locks to meet your needs.

Giantseal Lock GS-230

Motorcycle lock. Bike lock for reseller

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A Taiwan-based bike lock manufacturer


Giant Seal Industrial Co., LTD., a Taiwan-based bike lock manufacturer that is expert in making high quality locks.

For over 18 years, Giant Seal has made bike lock using strict standards. Today, Giant Seal offers stronger bike lock using their innovative solutions, which are in touch with modern lifestyles. Bike Lock manufactured by Giant Seal respond to the harsh environments in which bike lock must operate in order to safeguard your motorcycle.

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factory of Giant Seal

The Bike Lock Factory of Giant Seal

Giant Seal besides manufacture regular Bike Lock, they also customize bike lock for various kinds of motorcycles including Harley-Davidson (1200, 1500CC, etc).  As a leading bike lock manufacturer from Taiwan - Giant Seal allows a quick & easy, no tool and no hassle installation.  Giant Seal provides 100% Taiwan-made bike lock with great after service.

Giant Seal acts as a supplier of high-quality bike lock. If you are looking for a supplier of highly-refined and advanced bike lock for the motorcycle security , look no further than Giant Seal.

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    Why is Giant Seal's Bike Lock Competitive?
  • Choice of lock material: Giant Seal's exclusive plastic material ensures unbeatable endurance of bike lock including u lock, pad lock, disk lock, etc.
  • Bike lock manufacturing process: more than 18- year bike lock making experience has made Giant Seal an professional bike lock provider
  • Various shape of bike lock: Giant Seal understands the market and puts efforts to design bike lock with different shapes to meet market requirement
  • Strength of bike lock: Being innovative is crucial. Giant Seal's R&D team developed a method to assure their Bike Lock is unique, unbeatable with high strength
  • Bike Lock's Work environment is ISO9001 certified
  • Future improvement : Giant Seal's future plan is to obtain VDS, Sold Secure certification that proves their capability of delivering high quality bike lock
U Lock GS-3030

Giant Seal's Bike Lock ISO Certification

    Giant Seal's bike lock customers are from everywhere in the world
  • Yamaha Motor (Taiwan)
  • Energi Motor (Iran)
  • Schwinn Motor Scooters (USA) and more.

Giant Seal sells their bike locks worldwide, including Japan, U.S., Brazil, Iran, Nigeria, Dominica, and Vietnam, etc.

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