What's the Best Bike Lock for a Motorcycle?

Disc Lock, U Lock, Cable Lock, Chain Lock


U Lock GS-530

Motorcycle security will protect your precious machine

Scooter and Motorcycle Security – Where and How Should You Park?

Every bike lock has a weakness, and any person with enough determination, time, or access to the internet will find out how to break it. The fact of the matter is, even if you have a relatively unbreakable bike lock, the thief doesn't need to break the bike lock in the place you parked your motorcycle. A couple of strong guys or a small winch can lift a locked motorcycle into a van and drive off with it, giving them all the time they need to break your bike lock. To secure your motorcycle, being aware of your environment and remember the tips below for keeping away from the thieves:

  • Park where the motorcycle can be easily seen and well-lit, and near where people are working, such as shops and restaurants
  • Avoid parking your motorcycle behind trucks or other vehicles that may have limited visibility when backing-up
  • Park your motorcycle in clusters to be more obvious
  • Walk out to your motorcycle every few minutes and check on it, especially during the first 10 – 15 minutes your motorcycle is parked
  • Use different types of bike locks (barrel key, flat key, combination, etc.). The more types of locks (Disc Lock, U Lock, Chain Lock, Pad Lock) there are the more tools the thief needs to crack them.
lock your motorcycle

Do remember to lock your motorcycle after parking it

Use Bike Lock To Lock Your Motorcycle - Make the Theft Hesitate

    The Facts:
  • only 26% of stolen motorcycles are recovered with the majority having suffered major damage
  • 50% of motorcycle riders don't lock their bikes
  • 80% of stolen motorcycles are taken from the owner's home
  • 60% of motorcycles stolen are broken-up for parts
  • the theft rate is twice that of cars
  • the professional can steal your bike in as little as 15 seconds, even with a lock

Important Factors to Purchase a Bike Lock for Your Motorcycle

  • choice of bike lock material
  • disc lock, U lock, chain lock, pad lock manufacturing process
  • shape of the bike lock that people use in different countries
  • strength of bike lock

Giant Seal Industrial Co., LTD., a Taiwan-based bike lock manufacturer that is expert in making high quality locks.
For over 18 years, Giant Seal has made bike lock using strict standards. Today, Giant Seal offers stronger bike lock using their innovative solutions, which are in touch with modern lifestyles. Bike Lock manufactured by Giant Seal respond to the harsh environments in which bike lock must operate in order to safeguard your motorcycle.

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Motorcycle Security Devices - U lock, Disc lock, Chain lock, Pad Lock, Bike Lock

There are different motorcycle security devices, including motorcycle alarm, motorcycle cable lock, motorcycle disc lock, chain lock, U lock, pad lock, etc. To secure your motorcycle, finding a bike lock maker with years experience and insists using high quality material to enhance the strength of locks would be important.

Bike Lock Type: Motorcycle Alarm

Consider fitting a paging alarm, these are getting cheaper all the time.

motorcycle alarm system

A motorcycle alarm system

Talking alarms are better than sirens; people tend to listen more when it's a human voice. Lots of motorcycle alarm products are thoroughly ruggedized and waterproof, and some motorcycle alarm systems are designed exclusively for installation on Cruisers, Harley Davidson, and custom motorcycles.

Bike Lock Type: Cable Lock

A cable lock that you can loop around a lamppost of similar is the best bet. Cable lock is great for locking the frame of your motorcycle to the front wheel, or for locking your scooter to a fixed object. Most of cable Lock's locking mechanism is stainless steel and brass, it gives you protection from rust, and is encased in thick hardened plastic.

Bike Lock Type: Disc Lock

Disc lock is a great way to secure your motorcycle. They are portable (in the case of disc locks, they will fit in your pocket), relatively difficult to break (compared to a garden-variety chain), and easy-to-use. The only drawback is the size of disc locks might make you forget about them, and to avoid that you could Lock your helmet to it or clip the ignition key to the lock key after locking. Or you could just simply put a sticker on it to remind yourself.

Disc Brake Lock GS-3028

The motorcycle disc lock

Bike Lock Type: Security Chain Lock

Security chain lock can be heavy to lift and it could discourage the theft to steal.

Chain lock is strong cut resistance and the protective coating helps prevent scratching. The special steel alloy welded links are case hardened to resist sawing attack and deep through hardened to resist bolt cropping. In addition, it represents excellent value for money.

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Bike Lock Type: U Lock

U Locks are made of steel with the U shape. They are used to secure the motorcycle. U Lock core design provides the highest degree of protection against picking; some keys are equipped with mini flash lights. Motorcycle U locks use durable PVC sleeve covers chrome steel shackle to prevent marring and scratching, their hardened solid steel lock prevents prying, sawing and hammer impacts. U-locks are ideal for bicycles, motorcycles, spare tires, trailers, etc.

U Lock GS-3034

A U-Lock from Giant Seal

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